5 Tips To Get More Real Estate Video Jobs

How To Get More Real Estate Jobs

In this video, I’m going to give you five simple tips you can start using today to get more real estate video clients. Stay tuned. My name is Seth Morrisey. I’m a video creator and digital marketing expert. 10 years ago I decided to chase my passion and start a video production company. Today I make a full time living, traveling and getting paid to do what I love. Learn from my experiences I show you how to get more clients and make more money as a video creator.

Hey guys, Seth here from Smart Filmmakers. In this video, I’m going to reveal five simple tips you could start using today to get more real estate video clients for your video production company. But before I get into that, let’s talk about the pros and cons of doing real estate video. So first off on the pro side, you know, it’s abundant it’s everywhere. No matter what city you live in, even if it’s a small community, there’s always properties being bought and sold you know people need this service. Now originally most real estate agents just did photography, but now you know things are kind of opening up to video. Most agents are requesting video, especially on those higher end properties. So, you know, no matter where you live even it’s a town as small as 5000 people, there’s gonna be opportunity for work. So that’s great. There’s also you know, these different industries kind of coming out that have 360 video and all kinds of other things. So if you want to expand and take on you know, a new type of video, then you can really become kind of that go to person in your community for real estate video, all right? So, that’s the pro it’s very abundant. It’s prevalent pretty much everywhere in the United States and around the world. But here’s the con is the top price point that you can charge for your video job is not that high, all right? And let’s face it, so you know, it’s not that creative and so then things are kind of more, you know, cookie cutter and more standardized then the price you could charge for it usually goes down, all right? So, you know, in the creative field, like if you’re doing TV spots, even wedding videography, a lot of times you know, the sky’s the limit on what you could charge for your work, but something like real estate video, you know, real estate agents have a certain benchmark at a certain kind of budget that they’re planning on spending on marketing their property and video, you know, has a certain ceiling on the price you can charge right. So usually I found that agents are willing to pay anywhere from $200 to up to 500. At the most if it’s a really nice property, we’ve been able to get closer to 1000 per property, but that’s rare. That’s usually for the million dollar houses. In most cases, you’re going to be able to get about 200 to 3 to 400 per house, if you’re good at what you do. Now, some of you might say, That’s great money. It is great money if you could do multiple houses a day. So if you’re really good at marketing yourself, you can go out there and knock out you know, three, four or five houses a day you can make really good money doing this but you know, if your supply is limited and you only have so many houses, then just one house a day at 200 you know that’s mediocre money, all right? So, that’s the pro that’s the con. So you know, use that information to decide if this is right for you, but let’s go into five simple tips now to get more real estate video clients and number one, you know number one, you got to have a highlight reel.

So, that’s the absolute bare minimum to get into this business is you need a highlight reel. Now some of you may be asking, you know, how do I get a highlight reel, if I haven’t been hired to do a video yet you’re new in the industry. The easiest way to do this is to just do your first video for free and I’d recommend doing your first three videos for free because you want a highlight reel that has multiple different houses. So you don’t just want to reel that has one house. All right, you want a highlight reel that has maybe three different houses you’ve done, you take the best clips of each put it into a 60-second you know, 45-second reel, put it to music, and then that’s kind of your show piece that you could show, you know, potential real estate agent clients and say, Hey, you know, here’s the work I do. I would love to do real estate video for your properties, all right? So, that’s number one. Definitely, you know, create a highlight reel. That’s the bare minimum you could do all right? So, number two, as I was moving through this process, you know building my reputation as a real estate video producer, what I would do next is I would create a website but I wouldn’t just create any website I would create a niche specific website that focuses on real estate agents and I also create a Google My Business listing that directly focused on real estate video. So here’s what I mean is, don’t just create a website that says, hey, I do video production, right? I do all types, what I would do is I would create a website that basically is hundred percent laser focused or at least a page on your website, laser focused on real estate agents and doing real estate video. So this could be anything like you know, let’s say you know, California real estate video.com I’m just giving you a simple example. But you get the idea. You want to really niche down here because when people are looking for this service, they’re not looking for a generalist, they’re looking for someone who’s a specialist and so if you niche on your website, and then also niche on your Google My Business listing, so you could do the same thing when you’re creating your Google My Business you could call it California real estate agent or real estate video, right? And that would be the name and so when people are out there searching on the web looking for real estate videographers, you’re going to pop up. Okay? So it could be even California real estate videographer as your Google My Business name and your website URL, right? And so you’re going to actually come up when people are looking for this specific type of video. So if I wanted to break into this industry, that’d be the second thing I do. I’d create a really niche specific website and I’d go out and I’d register a very niche, you know, specific Google My Business listing, all right? So, number three guys, it’s going to be network with real estate photographers.

So, some of you know, maybe thinking that seems counterintuitive aren’t these guys my competition, but like a lot of other spaces, real estate photographers don’t really want to do video as well. So they might just be a photographer, and video even though they can do video with their DSLR camera or whatever they’re running. They don’t want to do video, right? They want to do what they do, which is photography. So these people are great to network with and see if you can potentially refer them and they can refer you to projects because, you know, some real estate agents. In fact, you know, I’d say the majority probably won’t want video, they’ll just want photos to get their properties sold. But a lot will want video and so if you guys have these, these different real estate photographers as connections, and they’re willing to refer you when they do need video, you could come in, you could do you know, a quick video of the interior exterior and maybe some aerial drone shots and get the job done and that’s a great way to get a steady source of leads, all right guys? So, tip number four, for getting more real estate video jobs is going to be email outreach, all right?

So, this is very simple. Basically, all you’re going to do is you’re going to find these people, which they’re very easy to find online. They’re very easy to contact because that’s the nature of their business and you’re going to basically email them and say, Hey, you know, here’s a link to my highlight reel. I’m interested in potentially doing video for you. You know, do you need my services and basically try to build relationships with as many real estate agents as possible. Now the reason this works so well for these guys is one, they’re very visible. So you can always, you know, just look up real estate agents with your city. You go to REMAX.com and find agents, you go to Zillow and find agents, you can look at any property and there’s usually an agent attached and they’re always going to have their contact info and they’re always going to be watching that email like a hawk, because they’re looking for leads and so they’re going to be very responsive. So by reaching out, definitely, you could just reach out and just, you know, plead your case, say, Hey, you know, I do real estate video, if you’re interested I’d be I’d love to come and shoot your first property for free and that would be a way to really, you know, kind of put a little bonus to them and really get them motivated to try you out and then if you do the first property for free and they like your work, then you could definitely build a relationship there. All right, I’m gonna give you a little tip though on email outreach that you probably have not heard. So when you do that initial outreach, via email to an agent, don’t include a link to your website, or your video highlight reel and the reason is, is because if you do that, and this is the first contact with an agent, chances are that email could go to the spam folder and they’re never going to see it. So what I would do is I would do an outreach email that says something like, Hey, you know, I’m a local real estate videographer, I’d love to come, you know, film your first property for free. If you’re interested, let me know and I’d be happy to send over my highlight reel and more information about my services and what will happen is when they reply, then you’re in the clear and then you can link your website, you can like your highlight reel and you’re not going to have any email deliverability problems. So that’s just a great tip for you guys, an email outreach don’t discount it, it works. You’re going to have to outreach to a lot of people before you get a response. But for the most part, you’re going to make these connections and you’re going to get jobs by doing email outreach.

All right guys, so tip number five, and this is a good one I’ve used this one which is devastating success. It’s going to be to use Facebook ads and targeting directly real estate agents with your real estate highlight reel to get on their radar and get them to book you for jobs. So all you do is you get into the Facebook Ads Manager, most real estate agents that are on Facebook are actually going to put in their bio and they’re going to check that little box that I am a real estate agent and so then you could go into the Facebook targeting and you can actually target them specifically with your ads. The reason the strategy is so effective is when you’re doing real estate video, you know who your customer is, your customer is the real estate agent, you’re not selling to the homeowner, you’re not selling to random people, you’re selling to real estate agents. So by targeting them directly in Facebook, you could save a lot of money on your ad spend and you could really get fantastic results.

All right guys, so hopefully that video was helpful go ahead and try these tips. Let me know what you think, leave you know, any feedback in the comments. Let me know other videos you’d like to see just like this. If you want more training and over the shoulder, you know different demos to get more clients and grow your company. Go ahead and click the link below. I look forward to seeing you on the inside and thanks again for watching guys. I’ll see on the next one. Take care.