Smart Filmmakers all started with a small local video company (Morrisey Video Productions). Two brothers (Seth and Brit) had a passion for making videos and continued to grow over the last 15 years starting from absolutely no knowledge or experience.
Morrisey Video eventually grew into a successful videography company that gets to pick and choose the jobs they want and when they do them. This was not always the case as you can imagine. There were many years of learning the ropes and grinding things out. Taking jobs that suck and don’t pay a whole lot, but you do what you have to do.
During this process Seth had discovered many easier ways to get clients. These were typically coveted as trade secrets, but Seth has a very “no-scarcity” mindset and looking to help fellow videographers grow faster and better than he did.
To take things a step further, in 2015 Seth branched out and partnered with Matt into a successful Online Marketing Company where knowledge of SEO, marketing, copywriting, and Branding came into play. His sister (Chelsea) later came on board having been a successful Facebook marketer for many large brands like Dollar Shave Company amongst others.
With Chelsea’s knowledge, combined with the marketing and videography experience, it created an unstoppable system for generating leads and clients for ANY videographer.
Once we had a working system, we decided that others could also use this as it is a growing industry, so we made a course to teach the ins and outs that will speed up the process of becoming a successful video company.
No need to go out and spend 15 years re-learning everything when we can help in less then a month.