How To Get More Video Production Clients With Outsourcing

How To Get More Video Production Clients

In this video, I’m going to reveal what the Golden Link in the value chain is and how you position yourself as a video creator. Not only to be indispensable but to be able to outsource everything you do and still make a lot of money. Stay tuned.

My name is Seth Morrissey. I’m a video creator and digital marketing expert. Ten years ago, I decided to chase my passion and start a video production company. Today I make a full-time living, traveling, and getting paid to do what I love, learn from my experiences, I show you how to get more clients and make more money as a video creator. 

Hey, what’s up, guys? Seth here from Smart Filmmakers. So, over the years when I’ve done video projects for clients, both big and small government agencies, you know, corporations, small mom and pop shops, you know, one-man service providers. One of the things I’ve realized is there’s what’s called a Golden Link in the value chain and I’ve got this concept, you know, from business, this isn’t something that I came up with, this is stuff I’ve read in business books, but the Golden Link in the value chain is the one job that you do not want to outsource as a video creator. And I’m gonna explain exactly why that is in this video. 

Alright, so, you know, anytime we’re trying to make more money as a video producer or a filmmaker and we’re trying to scale our business and we’re trying to make a full time living doing this profession, you know, it’s important to use contractors and outsourcers because there’s really no way that you can do it all. Now I know when we start out, every one of us does it all. We do everything from, you know, meeting with the clients and selling the client to writing up the agreement and the proposal, getting the waivers. We do the filming, we do the editing, we do the color grading, we do the delivery, we do the promotion and this is great when you’re first starting out, you know, when you have low overhead, low monthly expenses, you can do that and you know, you don’t need to make a lot of money. Maybe you’re single, you don’t, maybe you live in your mom’s basement, you don’t really need to make that much, then this doesn’t really apply to you but as you grow your business and treat this more as a profession, instead of just a job, there are certain things you’re going to need to outsource and that’s just the reality and, and the best way to outsource is to use contractors. 

So, I have a very large business, but I don’t have a lot of employees. I use what are called contractors and the difference is, is that employee works with you, you know, all the time and you basically pay their payroll taxes and they’re actually part of your company. Well, that’s very expensive. Okay, but if you use a contractor, what they are is their someone, who works, you know, has their own company. They either work for a different company or they’re a sole proprietor, they have an LLC, and basically, you don’t pay their payroll taxes, you just pay them for a specific task. All right, so as you grow, as you scale your business, you want to start using contractors for specific tasks and usually, these are people that are really good at one or two things. All right? And so maybe they’re really good at color grading or maybe they’re a great editor, maybe they’re a great camera guy, maybe they’re really good at post-production, graphic design, right? Whatever it may be, you start to build these relationships with contractors. Alright? Now as we grow, we want to outsource as many tasks as we can to contractors, so we can take on more videos, take on higher price videos and still have more time and freedom, you know, left in the day. All right? And this is where the Golden Chain in the value link comes into play. All right? 

So, you know, you can outsource pretty much everything except as one Golden Link. All right? And what does Golden Link is, is that relationship with the client. All right? So, this is the one part you can’t outsource because what happens if you do is if you, you outsource this relationship that you have with the client, whether it’s, you know, meeting with them to close on the deal or whether it’s over the phone. If you outsource that part, what’s going to happen is that’s going to become someone else’s client. All right? Now, if you have this, this relationship and you, you know, keep this Golden Link with every single client, what happens is you can charge anything you want for the video.

So, you can charge $10,000 to do a video and you could not do a single thing except close the deal with the client. You could outsource it all and you could do it for pennies. So, you might be able to get a guy to show up for $100 to do the filming and $100 to do the editing and you could make $9,000 a video just by using all outsourcers. As long as you keep this one piece, which is that relationship with the client. So, that’s what we call the Golden Link. 

So, as you grow, as you scale your business, think about building your business around, you know, this Golden Link. So, you want to have those relationships, those contacts, they want to come to you when they want a video job. That’s the most important part is that you’re their guy, right? They don’t care how it gets done, they don’t even care who does the work but it’s important that you are the person that they come to. All right? And so, so anytime, you know we’re looking to grow, anytime we’re looking to scale, anytime we’re looking to hire contractors, make sure you never hire anyone to, you know, communicate with the client and be that salesperson, that front person with the client. Now, it’s not to say you can’t have salespeople but after they sell and they convince the client to do a video job, that client should come to you and you should be that point of contact, right? And so that’s the most important part about scaling is you need to keep that relationship because here’s what also happens is when you work with a client, you do a great job, you produce a great video. What’s going to happen is they’re going to come back for more and if you’ve given up that Golden Link to someone else, let’s say you’ve given that up to a different company because you didn’t want to deal with the client. You just want to come in and run your camera. Well, next time they have a video, they’re going to go to the other guy and maybe they won’t hire you as the camera guy. All right? Maybe they won’t hire you as the editor. All right, so whenever we’re thinking about scaling, always remember the Golden Link and the value chain and make sure that’s you.

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