How To Use Remarketing Ads To Get More Video Clients

Get More Video Clients With Remarketing

In this video I’m going to show you how to use remarketing to bring in more video production clients from your website and other online assets. Stay tuned.

My name is Seth Morrisey. I’m a video creator and digital marketing expert. Ten years ago, I decided to chase my passion and start a video production company. Today I make a full time living, traveling and getting paid to do what I love. Learn from my experiences, as I show you how to get more clients and make more money as a video creator.

Hey, what’s up guys, Seth here from Smart Filmmakers. One of the biggest breakthroughs I ever had as a video producer in acquiring clients was when I started using remarketing, to get more of the clients that were already interested in my services to actually convert and in this video, I’m going to show you at a high level exactly how we do that. Now, what remarketing is once we’ve established that someone’s a potential client, what we basically do is we retarget them with advertising with email follow up and things that are going to actually get them to you know, make that big step to actually fill out a form or give our business a call and the reason that this is so valuable is all the studies show that people need between seven and even up to 30 plus touch points before they’re comfortable enough with our brand, with us as a video creator before they will actually take the plunge and do business with us. So by doing remarketing, and by understanding, you know what this looks like from a client’s perspective, and what you need to do to get people to go past that action threshold, and actually convert and do business with you, is really going to just be a huge breakthrough for you as a producer, because you’re going to be able to really bring in clients on demand, and your competition will have no idea how you’re doing it, all right?

So, I’m going to jump into my computer here and actually go step by step through the remarketing funnel that we use at our video production company and so you can see exactly how this is set up. All right guys, so at a very high level, this is what my marketing funnel looks like and at the very top what you have is you have potential customers, all right? So, these are any ones that could potentially be a video production customer of yours, at the very bottom, you have you know, these leads actually becoming customers and you know signing the dotted line and actually giving you a check or a wire and actually paying you for your services. And the big secret here is that people don’t just become a customer, just by looking at your website and just converting like that they need, you know, they need more touch points, they need to get to know you, they need to get to know your brand and that’s the big thing everyone misses and they leave a lot of money on the table by not creating a system of follow up and almost pressure to get this actual, you know, potential customer to actually, you know, give you a check and do business and in sales it is called an action threshold. So we need to get people over that action threshold.

So, they’ll eventually do business with you and anyone who’s been a video creator for any amount of time knows that you have probably all these leads out there of people who are interested in doing video, but they haven’t been sufficiently motivated to actually pull the trigger and do it and this system is how you get them to actually come you know, into your ecosystem and that eventually, you know, sign that check and actually get you paid. Alright, so let’s talk about how we do this. So at the very top, we have our potential customers and they’re out here, they’re on the web, you know, they’re in their businesses working and what we need to do is we need them to interact with some piece of our content. That could be our website. That could be a Facebook video, that could be our YouTube channel, but we need them to interact with us. So there’s a couple of ways we can go about that. We can create a website and we can do SEO and we can bring in organic search traffic, okay and these could become website visitors. We can have a YouTube channel and we can have them watch a YouTube video and all of a sudden, you know, these are not website visitors but these are people that have interacted and they’re in our retargeting pixel. Okay, we can have a Facebook ad and once they’ve watched that Facebook ad now all the sudden they’re in our retargeting pixel, okay, so however we do it, we need to develop a strategy to take people that are potential customers and bring them into our ecosystem.

Alright, so there’s a lot of ways to do it. I’m not going to go into all of those in this video, but I’m going to show you kind of high level what this looks like. So we can do this through paid. Or we can do this through organic. So that paid would be, you know, running ads, it could be Facebook, it could be YouTube, it could be pay per click. It could be anything like that. It could even be a TV spot where we actually run people to our website, all right? So there’s a lot of different ways to get, you know, that first touch point with customers, or it could be organic. It could be us posting on Instagram, it could be us posting YouTube videos, it could be us handing out business cards, that works too all right? Because these people are potentially going to go visit your website. But once we get them onto our website, or someplace where we can track them, we’re going to add what’s called a retargeting pixel to their browser, all right?

So, once they’ve hit our website, or they’ve watched our video, they’re in our system,  all right? And now what we need to do is once these people have come in and hit, some of these people will convert so the data shows us that when we bring in new leads, and customers about 2% are going to actually convert into customers once they hit our website, all right? But the problem is 98% of these people are actually going to leave and never convert, because they haven’t hit that action threshold. They don’t have enough familiarity with us as a producer as a brand to actually, you know, make the plunge and do business with us, all right? So, the only way we could get these people to actually work the way down the funnel and become a customer is we need to retarget them, all right?

So, this is that middle step right here. It’s called the Discover phase and some people call this tofu mofu bofu. I have it attention, discover and convert. So when we’re in that middle stage of brand awareness and discover, what we want to do is we want to get them familiar with not only us as a producer, us as a marketing agency, us as a video creator, but we also want to give them sufficient reasons that why our service is going to help them get more customers and we need to lay that out for them. So the way we do that is we do that through ads. Alright, so once we have people on our pixel, we need to start running ads to them and there’s a lot of different ways we can do this. We can use banner ads, okay, so I’m just going to put a B here, we could run banner ads. So anytime they’re browsing the web, they’re seeing our face, they’re seeing our unique selling proposition. They’re seeing our brand logo. Okay, so that’s one way. Another way we could do this is through video marketing, okay, so we could actually retarget them on Facebook, with a video business card with a brand video that we’ve done, with a customer testimonial. That’s another really effective way to get people into your system is to actually, you know, serve them up a testimonial, because people will trust what you say, but they trust more what other people say about you. So that’s very effective in this middle brand awareness discovery phase to actually get people to move on and actually hit this convert. Okay, so there’s a lot of different ways we could retarget these people, we could also use what’s called a lead magnet here, so I’m just put an L M. So this is where we could actually put together, let’s say a video marketing guide for business owners, and we could actually serve them up an ad that gives this to them for free in exchange for an email address and then at that point, they’re on our email list. Okay, so what we’re doing here is we’re using brand awareness to try to get them comfortable with not only us, but the value that we can provide them, all right? Now this can take anywhere, like I said, from 7 to 30 touch points to get these people to actually move on to this next level. Okay? So this takes some time and so once people in our system, I usually give them at least 30 days. Alright, so once they enter my pixel, I put them in there for 30 days, and I run advertising to them. And the reason this is affordable is some of you might be thinking, Man, that must cost a lot to run advertising for 30 days, but it really doesn’t. Because if you’re out here, and you’re running cold traffic to anyone in the world, that gets expensive, but there’s only going to be so many people that are going to visit your website. It’s a small audience. So to just retarget them with advertising for 30 days is very affordable and as long as you make a good price on your video, it’s well worth the spend because these people, by hitting your website, by watching your content, they’ve basically you know, said to you and raised their hand and say I’m a potential customer, all right? And so it’s worth the spend to run advertising these people for 30 days.

Okay, so as they as they go through that 30 days, when they go to websites, we’re on the banner ad, when they hit their Facebook feed, we’re serving up videos to them, maybe we’re even serving up a free guide that they can get for free just providing value, trying to move them up that value ladder and then eventually what we want to do is we want to step up the campaign to another level. So once these people have been in our system, let’s say they’ve-they’ve clicked on our site a couple times, maybe they’re watching 50% of our videos, what we want to do is we want to run a different kind of ad at this level. Okay? So this is where we want to go for conversions, all right? Now at this level, we don’t go for conversions at this level, we educate at this level, we show them our value. We give them free content, we do things like that, but at this level, we want to make them convert.

Okay, so the ad that you can run at this stage is basically, hey, get your free video production quote, go ahead and click the link and get a free quote. We can do all kinds of things, but here, we actually want to go for the sale, we want to try to turn these leads into customers, all right? So, if you look at this whole system, you know, 98% of the people up here are going to leave and never convert, all right? Only 2% will just convert on that first touch and that’s usually because you’ve built up value in other ways, they know who you are, maybe they know you from around the community. If we actually run this system with people that hit our site with people who engage with any of our online content, we can get this number way down. So we could actually instead of converting 2% here, we might be able to convert 10% at the bottom by running this system and if you do that, you’re going to see the amount of clients you close from your website from the content that you put out there go up dramatically, and it’s going to mean a lot more money in your pocket at the end of the day. So that’s a high level look at how to use remarketing to actually build your brand, get more clients and close a lot more deals.

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