Should Video Creators Take On Jobs They Are Not Qualified For?

Should You Take A Video Job You Are Not Qualified For?

Hey, what’s up guys, Seth here from Smart Filmmakers. In this video, I want to talk about the question that I get so often, should Video Creators take on projects that they’re not qualified for? Alright, so first off, I’ve been in the space over 15 years making videos for clients, both small and large and I can tell you, I constantly get requests from people for jobs that I’m not qualified to do, right. So maybe I don’t have the experience, maybe I don’t have the expertise, maybe I don’t have the equipment but one of these things is missing from the project and so I got to decide, you know, when I’m dealing with this client, whether I want to take on this project or not. All right? Now, there’s a lot of things to consider in previous videos I’ve talked about, you know, saying no to jobs that aren’t really, you know, aligned with your passion and I still believe that that should be the case, you know if the job you have no passion around the subject matter of the video, then I would just say no to that job, but at the same time as a video creator, you’re going to have to take on projects that you’re not quite ready to do and that’s how you’re going to learn and grow as a person and as a creator, alright.

So when someone brings me a project that I don’t have the experience to do, but it’s in line with my passion, right. So I like to do a lot of outdoor filming, especially stuff in nature. So if this is, you know, some type of nature video, but I know that I needed another camera operator, I know that I’m going to have trouble dealing with the footage and post, what I’ll do is I’ll look at the project like this, I’ll figure out what I would bid for my part of the project, right the stuff that I can do and then what I do is I go out and I solicit proposals from other people in the industry, maybe it’s camera operators, maybe it’s editors, and I figure out what it’s going to take to bring them into the fold. So I figure out what their costs are going to be right? So I figure out you know what it’s going to take to bring in a camera guy for two days, what it’s going to take to rent that piece of equipment that I don’t have, you know, how much is it going to cost me to have an editor spend 40 hours editing this video, and then I put all those extra prices into my quote to the client, all right? So, instead of just passing on the job, or giving it over to, you know, a bigger video production house, what I do is I still deal directly with the client because I want that relationship with the client. But I bring in other people into the fold into the project and I just add the price for them into my quote. Alright, so let’s say for example, to keep the numbers simple, let’s say my part of the project for a minute spot for a big corporation is going to be $5,000. All right? But I know I’m going to need another camera operator, he’s going to cost me 2K, I know I’m going to need a video editor, he’s going to cost me 3K and I know I need to RED cameras because the client requests REDS. Now instead of go out and buy REDS or just pass on the project, because I don’t have the right gear. I’m going to go to a site like borrow, and I’m gonna figure out what it’s going to cost to rent RED cameras and I’m going to bake that into my quote for the client. So now all of a sudden I got 5000 for my quote, right for my part of the project and then I got another 7000 for all the other people and the rentals I got to bring in and now when I deliver that quote to the client, if I do end up getting the job, I know I can get the project done because at the end of the day the most important thing is that any client we work with, anyone we accept into our client list and anyone we accept projects to work on videos for, we need to make sure that we always deliver great work, right, that’s how you’re going to grow.

That’s how you’re going to get the referrals, that’s how you’re going to get the five star reviews, all those things you need to grow, and to kind of grow your influence in the space and so the way that we make sure that we get the project done right is we don’t under charge for a job that we can’t do. That’s the worst thing you can do. Because then you’re going to end up delivering a bad product. You need to make sure that you have the the the price baked into the budget into that quote that you can always deliver a great video, all right? So, that would be my suggestion. I would say if the video is in line with your passion, right if someone brings a video that you’re not qualified for, but it’s you know, it’s something you’re passionate about, then I would go ahead and take the job but make sure you have enough money in that quote to bring in the people you need to get it done right.

Alright guys, so hopefully that video was helpful. If you want to see more videos just like this, then go ahead and subscribe below click the bell and also like and comment, I read all the comments, ask me any questions, I’d be happy to go there and answer them for you and once again, I just appreciate you watching this video and I’ll see on the next one. Take care guys.