The Number One Skill Video Creators Should Learn

Video Creators Need To Learn This

In this video, I’m going to reveal the number one skill you need to master in order to have success as a video creator and I guarantee it’s not what you’d think it is, stay tuned. 

My name is Seth Morrissey. I’m a video creator and digital marketing expert. Ten years ago I decided to chase my passion and start a video production company. Today I make a full-time living, traveling, and getting paid to do what I love. Learned from my experiences. I’ll show you how to get more clients and make more money as a video creator. 

I’m going to start this video off right off the bat and say, of course you have to be good at making videos that goes without saying. Your audio has got to be great, your videos got to be great, alright. Let’s get that out of the way. Now, what other skills do you think are very, very important to your success as a video creator?


Now, before I reveal exactly what it is. I want to talk about my history as a video creator and how I discovered this to be the most important skill to master. If you want a long career in this business and have success and, you know, make a good living as a video creator. Alright, so when I first got into video and marketing, the thing that I thought that I was going to do is very different than it ended up being in the end. So, I thought I would be able to sit behind my computer, not talk to anybody, literally just make a great living just on my computer, you know, editing videos and then occasionally I would travel around, I would create these awesome videos and people would just reach out to me and just pay me all this money to make these videos and do what I love.


Okay, and that’s how I thought it was going to go down, but I can tell you the reality is very different for most of us. Now, if you’re a Peter McKenna or a Cole or any of these guys that are just, you know freaks of nature and just naturals then this doesn’t apply to you, okay, and if you have this huge Instagram following and you’re this big influencer or this big YouTube star, this doesn’t apply to you either but I’m talking about the 99% of us out there that don’t have the, you know, freak, natural ability at this and don’t have this huge social media presence. I’m going to tell you the number one skill that we need to master to be successful, all right? So, when I got into this I thought I could just sit behind my computer. I thought I would just be able to travel the world and people would reach out to me and I would just show up and do these crazy videos out in the mountains of waterfalls and all this stuff on the beaches and then I would just get paid for it and I kind of had these lofty visions of what this career would be and just didn’t turn out that way and as I got into it I started getting to the point, I’m like, man I got to make some frickin money, right? I love making videos and, and I’m good at it and traveling is awesome, but at the end of the day, I got to pay my bills too. I don’t have a trust fund; I don’t have all this money sitting there where I can just run around and do videos all day and not get paid. So I needed to figure out a way to monetize, alright. And I tried a lot of ways to monetize; I tried selling affiliate products in my descriptions. I tried selling stock footage on Video Blocks and other sites for a long time and I came to the conclusion that it’s possible to make money off these things, but it’s very rare, all right? And I think anyone who’s trying to make money in kind of these unorthodox ways where you don’t ever have to talk to people. I think you’ll realize the same thing and I think you guys know the same thing. 

So, what I eventually came to is the number one skill that I needed to learn how to do is I needed to learn how to sell all right, because that’s what’s going to make people buy my service. And I can sell stock footage all day, but the amount I’m going to make on stock footage is so small compared to just one video job sale to the right customer, all right? So, I can make so much more money by doing client work and actually dealing with people, communicating, building those relationships, and actually being good at selling video. All right? So, a lot of you out there probably don’t want to hear this honestly, you’re probably in video because maybe you’re an introvert, maybe you don’t want to do a traditional sales job or a traditional, you know, work at a corporate job. You want to do your own thing, you want to blaze your trail, and you kind of have these visions, these lofty visions like I did where you could just travel around and just kind of live this crazy life but then the reality hits that in order to be successful, you’re going to need clients and you’re going to need to be able to sell to these clients and that’s the quickest path to make a full time living at this and I know a lot of the influences out there probably won’t tell you that.

They’ll tell you that you could just post on Instagram every day and post on YouTube and you’ll just have these sponsors and money roll in and you can just live this life but for 99% of us, that’s not the reality. So, you know if you want to go live that false realities that they’ve created go for it but I’m talking about the real world and the real world, we have to build relationships, we have to get clients in order to get those clients we got to sell. All right? That’s the reality, sorry to break it to you but today I’m going to give you some simple tips on selling and in how I’ve been able to be successful at video through selling and some of the things that I’ve learned after selling a lot – a lot of video, okay?


So, I’m going to dive right into it. Number one, the number one trick that I use to sell video is I use a script, all right? And I have one of my scripts right here, I’m always changing it, updating it and the way that I actually sell video is I have kind of a roadmap that I go through and a questionnaire that I go through on every single client and the best way to do that is to have a script or an outline, all right? And the reason is because if you don’t have that script or an outline, it’s going to be really easy to just get off course, you know, basically Jordan Belford says, go into Pluto, right, you just, the conversation would go in all kinds of crazy ways and you’ll never really get to the point. You’ll never really get the points across that you need. You’ll never get the questions asked that you need answered and so having a script really keeps things in a framework and makes selling a lot easier, so that’s number one.

So, the next thing that you need to do when you’re selling is you need to ask questions, all right? And I think the instinct that a lot of us have, especially when we are first learning to sell is we’re not comfortable, you know, having those conversations with people. So, instead of asking questions, discovering pain points, and really learning about the prospect and if you’re even a good fit to work together, what we do is we just come right out of the gate and we just talk about ourselves, like, here’s what you’re getting, here’s the price, dah, dah, dah. But what I have discovered when selling is it’s really more of an interview. That’s how you should think of it is you’re interviewing the prospect to see if they’re even a good fit to work together and in order, to do that, you have to ask a lot of questions, and once again, I use my script to get those questions right. And so, I have a rough outline of what those questions are and by using a script, it keeps a nice framework to the entire process and keep things moving forward, alright?

So, we’re asking questions and number three we’re empathizing with the client, all right? So, we’re not just talking about ourselves, we’re not just treating them like another person that’s paying us. We’re actually treating them like a person and we’re listening and we’re figuring out what their pain points are, we’re diagnosing their problems, and then we’re crafting a solution, our video and marketing services to basically address those, all right? So, that’s the biggest thing is, is if you want to connect with people in a way that they’re going to give you money, you need to emphasize with them because at the end of the day, people do business with people they like, they’re not going to do business with you if they don’t like you and so by empathizing and getting to know them and learning about their business, that’s how you’re going to make that connection.

Next, this is one of the biggest things I’ve done is I always frame it as we’re an exclusive company to work for, right? And we don’t take on everybody and that’s the way that you should frame yourself. If you’re just out there, you say, oh, you’ll take on anything, you’ll do anything then the customer is in control but if you come at every single client as, hey, you know, we’re very picky about the jobs we take, we only do projects that are really kind of, you know, innovative and really cool and exciting and that’s the mindset that you take when you’re working with a client. Then all of a sudden you flip the script and you almost make it like they’re applying to work for you and in my questioning, in my script, I make that very clear that I’m trying to figure out, hey, do these guys have a real need for my service? Are they a good fit, and if they’re not, I’m going to tell them that and I’m going to let the project go, I’m going to pass on the client, all right? And so by doing that, you really flip the script and create that exclusivity around you as a producer, as a video creator; so that’s number four.

Number five is going to be to build value for what you do. Okay, so what I always do is, I always build my value. So, I, once we get to that point in the script, I talk about, the projects we’ve done and then I even do something, I ask them, first off, what their budget is. That’s always a first thing I do is I ask them what their budget is and then whatever it is, so let’s say, you know, they say their budgets $5,000. What I’ll do is I’ll, I’ll build value and I’ll say, well usually we charge $10,000 to work with a client like you on a video but if you can move forward on the project quickly fit into our schedule in this next month, and then I’ll drop that down to your budget of $5,000 okay? So what I do is I make them think, and this isn’t lying, but I make them think that we charge a lot more and then I come down to their level and so by building that value, they feel like they’re getting a deal and when they feel like they’re getting a deal, they’re more likely to move.


And then I kind of touched on this, but number six is going to be to create urgency. So, I always create a sense of urgency because people need that time, you know, they need that urgency to get moving. So, even if your price is within their budget, even if they want the video, if everything else aligns, but they don’t have that sense of urgency, then a lot of people will not move. I’ve found this to be the case, but if I create urgency through either my schedule, either through, you know, the type of video, maybe it could be a scheduling conflict, it could be a weather thing. Whenever it is, if I could create urgency and get them to sign quickly or they’re going to miss out on doing business with me and getting the video done, then I’m going to close a lot more deals. So, however, you can think to create urgency in your specific niche that you’ve chosen, I would definitely do that because it gets people moving that otherwise would just kind of sit and never really make a decision. Okay, so we need to force them to make a decision through urgency. You could do that through a discount or you could do that just through scheduling issues or you’re really busy, you know, you have an opening coming up, if they can fit into that opening, then you’ll work with them, so always create that urgency.

All right guys, so here’s a big one, number seven, and I see so many people not do this, you need to ask for the sale. So, don’t just sit there and talk about your video and then just be like, all right, later, you know, expect them to come ask for you. You need to actually ask for the sale, so you need to say, are you ready to move forward with this project? You know, however you want to phrase it, you should have that in your script, but you should at some point ask for the sale, all right? And then you need to go over the pertinent details right there. So, you know, pricing and all those things, those need to be discussed on the phone, don’t save that for an email. Don’t chicken out and not talk about pricing and then get into the project and then have that awkward conversation. Before you even move forward with a client, you need to clearly explain what your price is and you need to ask for that sale; so have the courage ask for the sale and then next number eight is you need to be able to handle objections. 

So, let’s say you price at a $5,000 for a video, you ask for that sale and then they say I only have $4,000 or $3000. You need to have the framework in your script or through experience to actually be able to deal with those objections. Maybe you give them a discount but you, you scale back the project, maybe you don’t give them a discount, but you give them a bonus to get them up to your price point. However, you want to do, you need to deal with objections, because a lot of people are going to give you objections, but still you can overcome those and move forward with the project. So, what I found is some people are a really easy sale, like I’ll just go in and I’ll just close them, It’s really easy but then some people need you to kind of deal with their objections. They’re still planning on moving forward if you have the courage to listen to their objections and give them a response that makes sense to them, they will still move forward on the project. So, get comfortable with objections and just know that’s part of the sales process. A lot of salespeople that I’ve trained with will even tell you that the really sale doesn’t start until you get that first objection and that’s very common in the sales field, so be comfortable with objections, stand strong and, and just deal with them and see if you could still move the sale forward.

All right guys, and the last tip and this is a big one that almost, nobody does this right, great salespeople do it, but most people don’t do it. Follow up, alright, so let’s say you try to sell someone, and it doesn’t go through for one reason or another, or they say, not right now. Make sure you put that in your schedule, and you follow up with these people. You got to be persistent and don’t feel like you’re bugging them, that’s part of the process. People when if they feel like you’re bugging them, they’ll tell you, hey, stop talking to me, stop contacting me and that’s fine, and don’t contact them after that but if they don’t say that, then definitely make it a habit of following up so you could follow up at a couple of months and say, hey, I just got an opening on my schedule let me know if you’re interested in moving forward now, let me know if now’s a better time for you. Hey, weather’s looking good coming up next month, let me know if you wanted to get started on that video. You know, people will give you all kinds of reasons they’re not ready to move forward and so what I do is I just over time I just keep following up with them and you wouldn’t believe the amount of clients I close after that first sale call doesn’t work out. I just keep hammering and hammering and then maybe you know, it’s a budget thing, maybe they need to wait for the new fiscal year, maybe they need to wait till Q2 and so put those notes in your schedule and when you tell people you’re going to follow up, definitely follow up and you’ll get so many more deals than if you don’t.

All right, guys so hopefully that video was helpful, I know a lot of you out there like, man, and I don’t want to sell. I got in this video so I could just sit behind a camera and make a great living but really at the end of the day, you’re going to need to get out of the comfort zone. You’re going to need to learn how to sell, so take that advice and you’ll make a lot more money in this business and by the way, if you want more tips on how to get video production clients, I put together a free guide, 20 Tips to Get More Video Production Clients, and go ahead and click the link below. It’s totally free; it’ll give you some great resources and tips to get video production clients that you probably haven’t thought of and I want to thank you again for watching this video and I’ll see you in the next one. Take care guys.